Martes, Pebrero 26, 2013

PNoy calls for stronger resolve for change

President Benigno S. Aquino III urged Filipinos to continue to fight for the country’s goal of national progress, “to finally reap the rewards of the sacrifices of our fellow Filipinos who stood against the dictatorial government during the historic EDSA People Power in 1986.” 

In his speech during the celebration of the 27th Anniversary of the EDSA People Power (EPP) held Monday at the People Power Monument along EDSA, PNoy reminded the people that EPP brought out unity and camaraderie among Filipinos in a time of greed and selfishness during the Marcos regime. 

The EDSA People Power was a testament of the collective aim of Filipinos to regain democracy as they stood arm in arm against the Martial Law government. 

The President said that the EDSA Revolution, which serves as model for other countries also clamoring for a bloodless change in their government, should serve as mind opener to the next generations as they continue to safeguard the country’s democracy. 

He added that EDSA Revolution shouldn’t end that fateful February 25 of 1986. Instead, it should be a “continuous fight for change that would lead to national progress.” 

A significant part of the commemoration of People Power was the signing into law by the President of the Human Rights Victims Reparation and Recognition Act of 2013 which will give assistance to the victims of Martial Law through monetary and non-monetary compensation. 

Commission on Human Rights (CHR) Chairperson Loretta Ann Rosales said, “The thousands and thousands of survivors of the injustice during Martial Law made the ‘necessary sacrifice’ to see through the darkness.” This eventually led to the revolt that was EDSA Revolution. 

The said law, according to Rosales, will serve three purposes: to assert the truth that government is the protector of the people; to put an end to a culture of impunity; and to serve as symbol of solidarity. 

Meanwhile, Philippine Information Agency (PIA) Director General Jose Mari Oquiñena said during the EDSA commemoration rites that the Philippines is on its way to be a Tiger economy with the concerted efforts of the government, particularly the Aquino administration, and the Filipinos in achieving inclusive growth for the country. 

He said that the EDSA People Power is a reminder that the country needs action and unity among the people to achieve progress, and for the country to finally be the “Crown Jewel of Asia.” 

The theme of the 27th anniversary celebration of EDSA People Power is, “Pilipinas Natin, Abot-Tanaw Na!” 

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