Martes, Hunyo 14, 2011

DAP urges government offices to employ strat planning

Government agencies are urged to come up with a strategic plan, together with quality and performance indicators, and overall measures in order to carry out their mandate effectively and efficiently.

This is according to Dr. Elizabeth Manugue, Vice President of the Development Academy of the Philippines (DAP), during an interview in the government tv/radio program “Talking Points” held earlier today.

These instruments, according to Dr. Manugue, are part of the Quality Management System that government agencies are encouraged to design in order to have a smooth as well as results-oriented implementation of their programs.

For its part, the DAP has delineated its thrust for the succeeding years. DAP is mandated to capacitate individuals and development stakeholder organizations in government to perform their respective roles and mandates in development in a timely and results-driven manner.

Dr. Manague specified national competitiveness, policy reforms, and improved internal system as part of the thrust of DAP in order for it to be attuned to the needs of both government and private institutions.

One of its programs is the Integrity Development Program (IDP) which aides in the counselling of government organizations as well as small and medium enterprises that aims to lead to good governance, leadership and enforcement of policies, rules and regulation.

The DAP is now in its 38th year after being created through Presidential Decree No. 205 on June 7, 1973. 

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