Miyerkules, Mayo 25, 2011

Monitoring system, to help TESDA scholars land a job

Scholars of the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) will receive further assistance through the Unique Learning Identification (ULI) system of the TESDA.

The monitoring system is meant to oversee the job status of individuals who were granted sholarship by TESDA, according to TESDA director-general Joel J. Villanueva during the Communication and News Exchange Forum (CNEX) at the Philippine Information Agency Conference Room held earlier today.

The ULI seeks to look at the job status of scholars after finishing the technical and/or vocational courses they took as sponsored by the office.

Director Villanueva said that three months after the scholars have graduated, their office will check if these scholars have already landed a job.

After six months, the same monitoring will be undertaken by TESDA to intervene if the scholar hasn’t found a job yet, with TESDA granting assistance in the job-searching process of the scholars.

The ULI is a way of making sure that the scholars have already become functional and professionally involved after finishing their skills training.

“Scholars covered by the system are TESDA scholars and those who are granted TESDA’s Training for Work Sholarship Program (TWSP),” Villanueva added.

The TSWP aims to provide skills and competencies to job seekers through appropriate training programs that are directly connected to existing jobs for immediate employment and to empower private education and training institutions to offer relevant training programs that meet job requirements in specific industries (such as those in the business process outsourcing). 

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